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About Neighborhauls

WHO IS NEIGHBORHAULS was started by a couple of guys with trucks and years of experience in the transportation industry moving people around. As with many truck owners, these same guys were always willing to help a neighbor move, or pick things up. After time, an idea emerged to help every neighbor or business with the same needs. The solution was easy! Establish an affordable, web-based business with the purpose of having these same consumers or businesses use our service to schedule pickup and delivery of items from point “A” to point “B”.


Our dedicated contracted drivers are primarily off-duty public safety personnel (Police, Fire and EMS), as well as honorably discharged Veterans of the armed forces. We are proud to serve with them. All our drivers are pre-screened with background and driving checks, and valid licensing.
Dependable vehicles that have passed a multi-point inspection with proof on file
All vehicles are fully insured with proof on file is insured for you cargo up to $30,000
We are networked to use drivers familiar with your community’s geographical make-up.
More affordable and less hassle than renting a vehicle. Just order us on-line.
We assist you with the loading and unloading for any single item(s) up to 50lbs (*see terms and restrictions)

How Neighborhaul Works



You decide on what item(s) you need to haul and when.



Now it is time to decide on the size of vehicle based on what is being hauled. Do you need an SUV or truck ? This is where we can help. Call us or email us with any questions.


You can book your vehicle online or on our mobile app on your smart phone, with your encrypted secured payment on our website. We will send a confirmation once the booking is set.

Have you ever found yourself needing to move one item or a few but you have no way to get them to their destination? Renting a truck and looking for the additional help can be a process that will stress you. Neighborhauls can help. You can easily book a vehicle and help on our mobile app or online or you can call one of our coordinators to assist you making that decision.

Neighborhauls can be there to assist you when you find that special deal at the yard sale or at the mall when you are shopping for that special person to!


Local landscape company purchases or home improvement store purchases.

Whatever time of year it is that you find yourself in need of a transport partner to haul items from the local landscape company or local hardware store, call neighborhauls or use our mobile app to book the vehicle and professional assistant to assist you.


Neighborhauls can help you with your business transports to. Same day delivery. No extra charge.

If it is for your business neighborhauls will provide the same personal attention with professional care to all the items you have transported.

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